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Lawyers have their duties as citizens, but they also have special duties as lawyers. Their obligations go far deeper than earning a living as specialists in corporation or tax law. They have a continuing responsibility to uphold the fundamental principles of justice from which the law cannot depart.

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Your Dedicated Legal Team...

Many individuals have a distrust regarding the justice system. They have valid reasons as to why they feel reluctant to seek legal counsel. We would like to state to anyone reading this, that justice is the ultimate equalizer. We wholeheartedly believe this, and we work day by day to prove to our clients that justice can be served by providing results to our clients. These results are made evident through fair and just resolutions to their respective cases. It is the responsibility of an attorney to provide quality legal representation and guidance to his or her clients, and we take this responsibility seriously.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of the Houston community, and our mission is to obtain the justice you deserve through, but not limited to, the following avenues:

We can provide legal counsel in various areas within state and federal law. We can do so because of the experience and knowledge of our associates. We hope that you can confide in us to provide you the counsel necessary to have a successful outcome in your case. If you believe that we are the group of individuals who will be able to achieve positive results, do not hesitate in contacting the Law Office of Yates and Associates. We will be awaiting your call, email, or any form of communication from you or a loved one.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death


You are woken by the rays of the sun by your bedroom window. You are feeling drowsy. That feeling immediately goes away when you look at your clock. You overslept and you realize that you may be late for work. This is the worst day to be late because you have an important presentation that you must provide for your supervisors. You do everything possible and in a quick way in order to get out to your door to get into your car. You now are driving on your way to work.

Here is the thing though: You are not driving like you are supposed to. You are concentrated on getting to work on time. This focus removes attention away from your actual driving and because of this, you almost hit a car. This makes you stop and think. In that moment, you realized that you placed your life at risk. Thankfully, nothing serious occurred, but many individuals that were in a similar situation were not so fortunate.

Another day, another accident.

Houstonians know accidents of many kinds occur every single day. (When last have you driven home from work without seeing a wreck?)

Many people do not know what to do when they are faced with such an unfortunate event. If you are looking for guidance regarding an accident that occurred, you will need the counsel of attorneys that will be able to help you when you are your most vulnerable. You are perhaps experiencing emotional and physical pain, and the last thing you would like to do is be concerned with third parties to receive any form of compensation. You perhaps are not working, and maybe you are receiving medical care. This can be a costly ordeal.

Personal Injury Counsel

If you are facing such obstacles, contact Yates and Associates, so we can handle these third parties, such as insurance companies, and fight for your right to receive justice.

Our practice areas include auto accidents, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.


Sometimes, there are certain obstacles in life that many individuals experience. Individuals turn to the legal system to obtain help, but sometimes, using traditional legal methods to achieve a resolution are not the most convenient.

Let us explain: Michael has a flower company in which he is very proud of. His company sells many different forms of flowers, including roses, gardenias, sunflowers, lilies, daisies, and many more. If you have a particular type of flower you would like to request for your event; he will do everything in his power to obtain your required product. Because of his incredible service, he is respected by his peers and customers. One day Michael was trying to obtain payment from a couple he provided dozens of white roses, for their wedding. His contract specifically indicated that he should receive full payment within five days of delivering products and services, but it has been ten days since he has not received the entire fee. The couple argues that the roses were not in excellent condition; therefore they decide not to pay for the services rendered. Michael is upset at such response. He decides to take legal action. His attorney advises him to use mediation to solve his legal concerns. Luckily, the couple agrees to mediation as well.

This scenario makes a perfect case to seek a mediator.

The role of a Mediator

A mediator’s responsibility is to oversee a dispute between two or more parties to come to a resolution. Mediation is a way to settle disputes through a neutral third party without having to go to court. There are many advantages of why meditation is the best way to solve specific legal issues. Perhaps the most significant reason is the cost. The costs that can arise when dealing with the court system and attorney fees can be too costly for many individuals. A solution can emerge much faster with mediation than going through the court system. Perhaps the most significant reason for mediation is that you have direct communication with the opposing party. You can personally express your concerns in greater detail, without having to deal with attorneys. A mediator can come in and help both sides voice their concerns to come to a resolution.

Business Law

Managing a business can be a complicated undertaking. There are certain aspects of a company that leaders must take into consideration to be successful from purchasing assets such as equipment, inventory, and properties, to other elements of a business such as protecting and promoting the welfare of employees; all of these crucial aspects of an organization have some form regulation. Such regulations are based on laws that foster an ethical environment. Also, a business owner or leader must understand that such laws are needed to not only have a functional business, but also obtain legal protection in order to reduce conflict that may arise with other companies, and the business’s own stakeholders.

The practice areas that we can render include business formation, business contracts, commercial litigation, real estate law, and business immigration matters. If you are looking to provide protections and obtain legal counsel regarding your business, contact the Law Office of Yates and Associates.

Learn more about how our attorneys can help your business keep up with the large corporations.

Immigration Law

Many immigrants have a great dream. The dream is to obtain personal and professional success in the United States. These individuals choose the United States because, for generations, this country has been regarded as the land of the free, and the land of opportunity. This country is diverse in many ways. The diversity is made evident here in Houston by the vast number of languages that are spoken, the many religions that are practiced, the racial and ethnic makeup of the country, among other forms of diversity.

This abundance of culture is made possible by the contribution of many immigrants that are now part of the United States. They have all contributed to make this country a cultural and economic landmark in the eyes of the world. If you are a person that is seeking to gain entrance to the country, there are specific ways this is possible. Whether you would like to visit the country, stay in the country permanently, establish a business, there are certain avenues you can take to make your wishes to enter the country possible.

The Law Office of Yates and Associates can manage immigration-related cases in multiple areas. We can provide aid in the areas of DACA, visas including immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, employment visas, citizenship, among other areas within immigration law. If you are looking to begin a process to adjust your status or obtain entrance to the country, or simply gain legal counsel regarding any immigration concern, contact the Law Office of Yates and Associates.

Criminal Law

Committing a criminal act brings an incredible amount of consequences. There are many forms of illegal activities that can change the life of an individual, as well as the lives of their loved ones. If you do not have proper legal representation, the possible penalties that can be brought against you include hefty fines, multiple years in prison, and perhaps the most severe punishment, a capital sentence. We understand that certain circumstances in life make an individual commit such acts. These circumstances include a troubled past. Regardless, if an individual was charged with committing a crime, he or she has the right to obtain proper legal counsel. The criminal practice areas that Yates and Associate can manage include theft/property offenses, drug-related offenses, DWI and Alcohol related offenses, violent crimes, criminal defense for immigrants, as well as juvenile crimes.

If you or a loved has been charged with committing a criminal act, contact the Law Office of Yates and Associates promptly to discuss your options and ways you can receive the justice you are entitled to.

The penalties from any form of criminal offenses can be severe. Learn more on how we can help you can fight your case through the Texas criminal justice system. 

Commercial Bankruptcy and Litigation

Money can do a lot of positive things for the lives of many people. Money can help individuals obtain and live a decent lifestyle. Cash and capital can make businesses keep functioning for years to come. Having these forms of financial assets can bring peace of mind to individuals who are trying to better their personal lives and the lives of their loved ones. It can also bring peace of mind for individuals who are running a business. Here is something that most people face when having certain assets such as money: those assets can deplete. These assets can exhaust to a point where our financial health is in jeopardy. Thankfully there avenues in which individuals can turn to if they face an economic downturn.

Bankruptcy helps individuals get back on their feet and start anew when they have no other options to consider when they are no longer to pay their financial debts. Businesses also have bankruptcy options, where these entities can create plans to reorganize to prevent bankruptcy from happening again. We also know that business entities can face obstacles from opposing parties, such as investors, employees, and other companies. The Law Office of Yates and Associates can help individuals and businesses obtain fair results related to bankruptcy, as well as achieving positive judgments for commercial entities through litigation. Contact us if you would like to seek such resolutions.

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