Personal Injury Claim... Why a lawyer makes a difference?

Why a Lawyer Makes a Difference

When experiencing an accident, the last thing on your mind is perhaps hiring an attorney. You are partially right. One of the first things that you should do include filing an insurance claim, and most importantly, seeking medical help. If you have achieved doing these steps, then you are on your way to getting back to your everyday life. For other individuals, successfully executing these steps can become an obstacle. Since it can become difficult to obtain such resources, the guidance and services of an attorney become an instrumental part of having financial, physical and emotional relief. Some people forgo having an attorney by their side: that is their right. Although individuals may have such a right, we would advise them to reconsider such a decision. There are significant reasons as to why people who have experienced an accident need the counsel of a legal professional.

Below are some of the most central reasons as to why:

Can’t Determine Who’s at Fault?

Sometimes, it’s not easy to determine which entity is actually at fault for influencing an adverse outcome such as an accident. There are many different forms of accidents in which multiple parties can be found at fault for causing such events. What if there was an accident that occurred on the road? It sometimes isn’t easy to determine which party was at fault, especially if there was an accident where multiple cars were involved. What if you were working in an area where there was a significant amount of hazards present, such as a construction zone, then you were perhaps at high risk of suffering an accident. What if you were injured in such an environment? Can you accurately pinpoint the reasons as to why you were hurt? You can say that a specific object or material caused your accident, which is true, but have you ever questioned if this material was defective from the beginning? Not only can a manufacturer be found at fault, but the organization that provided such products can be liable as well. As we have mentioned, many parties can be found at fault for many forms of accidents, such as a defective item that caused significant injury or a motor vehicle accident. An attorney can help you determine with accuracy which parties can be found liable for your physical and emotional and financial damages.

Insurance payout doesn’t cover everything?

We have all heard stories about how insurance companies do not provide the funds necessary to help their clients obtain some form of alleviation for their damages. Many people have to fight tooth and nail to get the most basic form of relief. Some individuals can successfully file a claim with a just payout, but for many other individuals, the same cannot be said. If you believe you were not provided with just coverage for your damages, then hiring an attorney is something that you may have to consider if you would like to obtain the best coverage from your insurance company. Below are some of the ways attorneys can be of help to your insurance concerns.

Severe Injuries:

The injuries that come with experiencing an accident can become detrimental to the livelihood of the individual who suffered such misfortune. The physical trauma is simply overwhelming. The injuries that a person can experience during an accident are of a vast range. Minor injuries can include cuts and bruises, but the most severe of injuries can change the course of someone’s life. Some injuries can lead to paraplegia, quadriplegia, second and third-degree burns, and other critical forms of trauma. The emotional and mental effect of having such injuries can be detrimental to the health of the person who has suffered such injuries. Knowing that the person has to live for their rest of their with such injuries, will not only leave permanent physical scars but perhaps the emotional wounds that were created will not be able to heal as adequately. An experienced attorney will help individuals get the justice their deserve by knowing exactly how to combat insurance companies with the right compensation for the severe injuries a person has suffered due to an accident or injury.

Costly Medical Bills:

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy in the United States is due to expensive medical expenses? There is a sea of individuals in this country who need constant medical care. A lot of these patients require ongoing care not only because they have a chronic disease that was perhaps caused genetics, but by an accident or injury that an individual has suffered. Life changes when a person suffers an accident, but this is especially true if an individual has suffered life-altering injuries. Many Americans live in constant fear that their medical insurance coverage will not be enough to cover the medical expenses of injuries sustained due to an unfortunate event such as an accident. If you individuals believe that an insurance company is not providing the funds necessary to cover medical expenses, they will need to partner with an attorney that will fight to obtain the funds necessary to cover expenses for the duration of an injury, including funds to cover expenses for injuries that require long-term medical care.

Loss of Job or Wages:

Suffering an accident can lead to having injuries that can prevent many individuals from doing work related responsibilities. Not having the ability to work can bring negative consequences to the individual who has suffered injuries, especially if he or she has a family to support. Everything from a mortgage, rent, utility expenses, food expenses, and other costs that are needed to be made in order to live a productive life may not be made because an accident prevented them from returning to work. There is a significant amount of Americans that live paycheck to paycheck, and they cannot afford to miss a single day of work because if they do, the consequences can be great. This can worsen if an accident occurs. Many Americans do not have an emergency account, where they can live on those funds for several months without having a reliable source of income.

Because of this, the individuals who suffered an accident may find themselves in the most unfortunate positions. These individuals are already emotionally troubled because of the injuries they have suffered. The stress can become overwhelming when they know that they cannot work and provide an income to their households. This exacerbates their mental and emotional health. An attorney can fight for wages lost and will help individuals get the best compensation possible in order for them and their dependent loved ones to have peace of mind.

Need to go to trial or file a lawsuit?

Having an experienced attorney by your side is necessary to obtain the best judgment regarding a personal injury case. Many individuals believe that they are not in need of an attorney and that they can represent themselves in the court of law. This can be a costly mistake. Attorneys know how to navigate the court system more efficiently than individuals who are not trained in law. When it comes to personal injury attorneys, they know how to combat insurance companies, and can identify with great accuracy if their client is not being given the proper funds to help them with the injuries obtained in an accident. They know what to say, they know the legal terminology, the research skills, the oratory skills, as well as knowing how to draft proper legal documentation to increase the possibility of having favorable judgment in the court. Also, personal injury attorneys work under a contingency manner, meaning that attorneys only obtain an earning if a client wins their case. This means that individuals will not be held responsible for any fees that an attorney may charge. So, if cost was something that an individual would be concerned about when considering in hiring an attorney, they need not worry.

Because of these reasons, we believe that victims of accidents or any other injuries should consider having the best attorneys by their side to obtain the maximum amount of compensation if going to trial or filing a lawsuit becomes the most reasonable option.

As you may know, dealing with an insurance company can be a hassle. This is especially true if you know that you are not getting enough resources necessary to deal with injuries suffered. When you have done all that you could, and you no longer have the ability to fight insurance companies, you will need the help of individuals whose lives are dedicated in fighting for the rights of individuals who have suffered injuries in an accident of any kind, from a motor vehicle accident, to an injury occurred in the workplace. Knowing that you have someone by your side, that is fighting for your rights and compensation brings peace of mind. The difference between hiring and not hiring an attorney is simple: With the Law Office of Yates & Associates, you will not be alone in the fight of obtaining fair compensation. We will fight to obtain the best outcome possible for your personal injury case.


Now that you have an understanding on how essential having an attorney by your side is, if our advice solidified your need to seek legal representation for your personal injury case, contact us to see how we can help you obtain the compensation and justice you deserve.

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